The church’s mission is to make an impact on the world around them through sharing the Good News and transforming lives. The Impact teams’ primary responsibility is to make that happen at Capilla del Sol.

This team accomplishes such a mission through a variety of ways:

Thanksgiving Meal – Having a Thanksgiving meal on campus for anyone looking for a way to celebrate this day
Adopt-a-family – Through partnering with a local school district we have helped local families
Child Sponsorship – CdS provides funds for three children in challenging situations around the globe

The nurture team promotes the welfare and growth of CDS by encouraging a sense of community among the members of the Congregation. This is accomplished through helping to assimilate new members into the life and programs of the Church; planning for and implementing fellowship events; and encouraging all persons to grow in their love for God and their neighbors.

The Property Team maintains and cares for all CDS property and equipment.

This team is responsible for all of the property and equipment owned by CDS, including keeping all property and equipment in good condition, studying needs and making recommendations for improvements, caring for the grounds and providing proper protection of CDS premises and equipment.

The Worship Team leads the Church in the genuine experience of worship, both corporate and personal; and to enrich personal and family devotional life. This team coordinates the regular worship of the Church with special attention to seasons, themes and music; plans and implements special worship services; and assists the minister in planning and implementing other worship activities.

Our children and youth are not only the future of our church but a huge part of who we are now. This team is responsible for developing the faith of our young people, through Sunday school and other events. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of our youngest, this is the team for you.

How do we share the Good News? Through communication in its wide and varied forms. This Team helps gather and distribute the happenings of this community with the wider world, through newsletters, signage, and our website. If you enjoy communicating, this is your team.

This team primarily assists in enhancing our worship experience with presentations, though it also takes care of various technological needs throughout the campus. Want to work with tech? Then you can find a home here.

Exploring our rich and deep faith requires more than an hour on Sunday morning. The Adult Education Team recruits and develops opportunities to learn more about this faith through study groups and classes.

Have an idea about a topic we should explore? Tell, or better yet, join this team.